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Remarkable Initiatives

Special Classes

Special Classes

Special Online Classes under Vigyan Jyoti is the most important intervention to build capacity among enrolled girls to face competitive examinations. These classes are helping students in concept clarity and ultimately enhancing their academic strength. Along with classes, time to time Mock Tests are also being conducted since, June 2020 for Vigyan Jyoti Scholars.


A Flipbook on ‘Science & Mathematics Projects’ has been compiled for Vigyan Jyoti Scholars to understand scientific principles through experiential learning. Projects in this book will not only help students in improving their problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities but also aid them in learning the concepts in a better way. This Flip Book will add pleasure to their academic journey through the exciting field of Science and Mathematics. (Link: https://experimentflipbook.web.app/).

Flip Book
Science Utsav

Science Camp

Science Camp is a virtual festival for Vigyan Jyoti Scholars of Class X. Science Camp is a 2 day event on STEM pedagogy which meant to inculcate learning styles among students from day-to-day observations. Science Camp activities include aerodynamics show, hands-on science workshop, online fun games, fun math workshop, online science quiz, fun Science experiments, Math in day-to-day life, talk by an eminent Scientist, technology-based workshop on futuristic skills for students, and sessions on STEM Careers. (Link: https://learn.scienceutsav.com/courses/vigyanjyoti-stem-festival/)

Cyber security awareness program

Region-wise ‘Cyber Security Awareness Programs’ were organized in collaboration with IBM to educate the Vigyan Jyoti Scholars about the risks associated with being active in cyberspace. The interactive webinars were intended to apprise the students about issues such as cyber-bullying, cyber-threats, breach of privacy, phishing, etc.

Cyber Security Awareness Program

C-STEM Program

The Curriculum based STEM (C-STEM) program is a long term intervention for Class IX–X Vigyan Jyoti scholars which has recently started in 2021-22 with the support of IBM India. C-STEM comprises year-round workshops on the important topics of the Class X Science Curriculum. In these workshops, students are developing simple prototypes with easily available materials. Other activities include the use of concept maps, card games, higher-order thinking worksheets, quizzes, etc. These fun based methodologies are promoting the effective learning of Science and Math concepts and ameliorating any persistent learning gaps among the scholars. The C-STEM is focused on improvement in the thinking, designing and problem solving skills of the students through a practical learning approach.

Workshops for teachers

Workshops on STEM teaching pedagogy are being conducted for Science & Mathematics Teachers associated with Vigyan Jyoti Programme with an aim to enhance capacity building. These workshops are reskilling teachers about creative learning techniques in order to motivate and prepare students for competitive exams. Till now, 4 such workshops have been organized under Vigyan Jyoti through AIF, IBM, and IIT Gandhinagar.

Workshops for Teachers
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