About Us: Our Work & Team

What is Vigyan Jyoti?

Vigyan Jyoti is a government initiative in India aimed at promoting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education among girl students from rural areas.

It provides mentorship, training, and exposure to various STEM fields to encourage girls to pursue careers in science and technology. The program aims to bridge the gender gap in STEM education and empower girls with skills for a brighter future.

What is VigyanJyoti.com?

VigyanJyoti.com is a website, not a government scheme, and it was previously associated with a government initiative. However, it is now privately owned by an individual named Ramesh Agarwal. The website provides information on various topics such as government schemes, exam results, job opportunities, and news updates.

Please note that this domain is now privately owned, and all legal rights are held by an individual. It is no longer associated with any government entity.

About our Work

Vigyan Jyoti is your go-to source for informative articles and updates in both Hindi and English languages! As a leading blogging platform, we specialize in delivering comprehensive coverage on:

  • Government schemes
  • Examinations
  • Results
  • Latest news in these domains

Owned and operated by dedicated professionals, Vigyan Jyoti prides itself on offering meticulously researched content that provides accurate information to our valued readers.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on navigating government policies or staying updated on upcoming exams, trust Vigyan Jyoti to deliver high-quality content that informs and empowers.

Location: Vigyan Jyoti is headquartered in Haryana, India

About Our Team

Ramesh Agarwal: Founder of Vigyan Jyoti

Founder of Vigyan Jyoti

Ramesh Agarwal is the founder of Vigyan Jyoti, overseeing all major operations with expertise in blogging, digital marketing, and content optimization. Based in Haryana, India, he resides with his family, pursuing blogging mastery through self-learning. With several certifications from Google and Hootsuite, he ensures cutting-edge strategies for Vigyan Jyoti’s success.

Rohit Verma: Freelance Content Writer at Vigyan Jyoti

Freelance Content Writer at Vigyan Jyoti

Rohit Verma is the freelance content writer at Vigyan Jyoti. He’s known for his excellent writing skills covering diverse topics like government schemes, exam results, and job opportunities. Based in Rajasthan, India, Rohit’s commitment to thorough research ensures he delivers valuable and unique information to viewers.

Ankit Bedi: Content Writer at Vigyan Jyoti

Content Writer at Vigyan Jyoti

Ankit Bedi, residing in Maharashtra, India, is a valued content writer at Vigyan Jyoti. Specializing in multiple niches, Ankit brings a unique writing style that captivates our readers. His engaging content enriches the Vigyan Jyoti platform, keeping our audience informed and involved.

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